where were you when…?

on the 29th april, like everyone else, i overdosed on patriotism, pimms and good cheer (anyone know a suitable word beginning with p??) – getting my red white and blues out for the lads.

and then the next morning, like everyone else, i woke up with a hangover. not just from the shots (although ultimate power ballads night is not one for sensible decision making) but from excess jubilation. and much like if someone handed you a tequila shot the morning after, any images of “The Dress(TM)”, pippa’s peachy posterior, or the balcony moment (and yes that includes officially the cutest moment in the world, starring a noisy crowd and a grumpy bridesmaid) induced a slight nausea and headache and the yelp “get that thing away from me” before heading back to bed and hiding under the duvet.

however, time has passed and i am fickle. and lord knows i’m a sucker for a love story and a huge wedding. so here are a few images from the day i spent celebrating with the rest of the world:

guards on patrol:

trying for a better view:

patriotic baking:

mid cockney knees-up:

and telling it like it is:


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