war horse trailer – tissues at the ready 

I was lucky enough to see War Horse in the theatre – it absolutely blew me away. From the moment the horse appeared on stage, I had tears in my eyes, and by the end I was openly weeping into my program. I’ll definitely be seeing Spielberg’s interpretation on the big screen, but I’m not sure how much of the magic he’ll be able to capture compared to the superb puppetry combined with the intimacy of the stage. But it’s Spielberg, he’ll give it a good go I’m sure. Plus – bonus fit ginge alert – the movie has Benedict Cumberbatch.

Anyway, check the trailer out and see what you think. There’s already an Oscar buzz, despite it not being out until December. Helped by the epic score and WWI setting, but hopefully justified.

war horse trailer – tissues at the ready


take a walk around london 

“Badaude’s illustrated London walks” is a brilliant series available on the Guardian website which is a hand-drawn guide to exploring London, detailing all the quirks and idiosyncracies of the different areas of the city. I obviously have a soft spot for this Brick Lane one in particular:

Brick Lane

The pictures are also available to buy as a book, and Badaude has a blog here:http://badaude.typepad.com/

take a walk around london

beginner’s guide to wimbledon

..and to continue my discussion of strong female thighs, I went to Wimbledon earlier in the week. Here’s Christina McHale doing her thing:


What I learnt from my visit to Wimbledon:

1. In SW19, british traditions are capitalized and possibly ironic:

2. No matter what time you get up in the morning to join the queue, approximately 4,500 people will have got there before you:

3. This is an actual job:

4. Should the Wimbledon area ever be evacuated, essential items for the average middle-class refugees are: a copy of the Guardian, Marks and Spencers picnic food and a giant golf umbrella.

5. Pimms is sold in pints

6. The sight of this man induces a level of hysteria not normally seen outside Manchester Arena during a Take That concert

7. It’s best to come prepared for all weathers

suddenly my dumbells look a little lame… 

As one who is borderline obsessive about exercise, I found this article really interesting, especially the way it focuses on exercise as a way of getting strong and fit, rather than as a means to getting thin. II think this is a much healthier attitude to have, and one that is often missing from the “bikini body in 5 hours” type headlines we’re used to seeing splashed all over the glossies.
I’ll probably never  subscribe to the snatch, clean and jerk lifestyle myself, but I am totally on board with the idea of the purpose of working out being to get stronger. Not Arnie strong, or even Madonna strong (hello freaky arms!), but I like to know that my body is capable of doing more than just a stroll to the pub. You know, just in case zombies do ever get around to attacking (oh no wait, they already did). I may have once been told that I am “freakishly heavy for such a small girl” (before being unceremoniously dropped on the floor), and my thighs may best be described as “sturdy”, but I am totally in awe of their ability to get me round a 26.2 mile course without completely collapsing under the effort. I think it’s good to try and push yourself further to see what you’re capable of, even if the only person you’re trying to impress is yourself.
In  bootcamp (oh yes – borderline obsessive about exercise means I regularly drag myself out of bed at unreasonable-hour-o-clock to be shouted at in the rain), my least favourite bit is when we run up the (giant sized) steps and then back around, only to do it again another three times. Now, in the 6 weeks since I started going, I have never once been able to get all the way to the top of those buggers with just one leap for each step. Normally I end up practically crawling by the time I get two thirds of the way up. But this week I managed to silence that little doubting voice in my head, and on the final way round, I did it. I beat those little f*ckers. Got all the way to the top.  Felt like rocky, I did. The tune was playing in my head and everything. Little did I know that 10 mins of burpees and lunges later we had to do it all again.
My success was shortlived. I faceplanted on the top step. I conquered the concrete, and the concrete went and conquered me right back in the face.

That’ll learn me. As they said in 2 cheerleading movies too many – Bring. It. On.

suddenly my dumbells look a little lame…