why i shouldn’t make new years resolutions

In the spirit of resolutions, I pledged this year to read 50 books. Well, almost. I actually pledged to read 100 but when my boyfriend took my drink out of my hand and pointed out that this would be almost two books a week, I revised my estimate downwards a little. If 50% could ever be said to be a little.

Anyway, as at 4th June 2011 (i.e. a month away from the half-way point) I am at the half-way point. Which is not bad. But reader I confess, there are far too many books of the chicklit persuasion in that list. I’ve always read them because I love them, and I am not ashamed of this. I love that you can work out before you’ve met the main protaganists. I love that the can induce a cult-like underground following amongst friends – all it takes is one brave soul to admit she has a penchant for the Picoult, and you find dozens more come out of the woodwork, glassy-eyed with adoration, and torn-up with rage (THAT IS NOT THE WAY MY SISTERS KEEPER WAS MEANT TO END, HOLLYWOOD).

However, now I read them because I can read them FAST. This is not in the spirit of the rules and I will endeavour to improve my chick-lit to classic ratio in the future.

The list so far is below. I was intending to do a proper thought through review for each of this but, well, 25 book reviews is a LOT. I may talk about some of these in more detail separately. I may not. It’s good to mix things up a little, have some surprises round the corner. Anyway, let these inform your library picks as you wish.

1. A Week in December – Sebastian Faulks


2. Friends Like These – Danny Wallace


3. The Island – Victoria Hislop


4. Down and Out in Paris and London – George Orwell


5. The Reader – Bernhard Schlink


6. Me Cheeta – Cheeta


7. Over Bethnal Green – Sally Worboyes


8. The Invisible Man – HG Wells


9. Girl Friday – Jane Green


10. Nerd Do Well – Simon Pegg


11. Behind the Scenes at the Museum – Kate Atkinson


12. Winter Ghosts – Kate Mosse


13. Any Human Heart – William Boyd


14. Black Swan Green – David Mitchel


15. The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen


16. Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult


17. The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters


18. The Bonesetters Daughter – Amy Tan


19. Sing You Home – Jodi Picoult


20. Bookends – Jane Green


 21. Room – Emma Donoghue


22. When God Was a Rabbit – Sarah Winman


23. Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann


24. Freedom – Jonathan Franzen


25. No and Me – Delphine de Vigan


Any recommendations for books at under a hundred pages gratefully received.


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