beginner’s guide to wimbledon

..and to continue my discussion of strong female thighs, I went to Wimbledon earlier in the week. Here’s Christina McHale doing her thing:


What I learnt from my visit to Wimbledon:

1. In SW19, british traditions are capitalized and possibly ironic:

2. No matter what time you get up in the morning to join the queue, approximately 4,500 people will have got there before you:

3. This is an actual job:

4. Should the Wimbledon area ever be evacuated, essential items for the average middle-class refugees are: a copy of the Guardian, Marks and Spencers picnic food and a giant golf umbrella.

5. Pimms is sold in pints

6. The sight of this man induces a level of hysteria not normally seen outside Manchester Arena during a Take That concert

7. It’s best to come prepared for all weathers


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