Whilst wandering the streets of Shoreditch this last weekend, as we are wont to do, we came across this abandoned hospital. It all looked so intriguing and too modern to be closed down, so we had a good old shufty around. We took a few photos before one of us said “What if we look up at a window and see a face staring out at us?” and we got all freaked out and ran the hell away from there and the prospect of being the stars of our very own second rate psychological horror movie.

From a quick internet search, it looks like Mildmay Hospital was first opened in 1892 and then closed again in 1982 (a strange numerical symmetry about that!) due to that old chestnut, government cutbacks. It then reopened in 1988 as an independent Christian charitable hospital caring for HIV/AIDs patients and their families, and was in fact the hospital at which Princess Di was famously filmed meeting and chatting with AIDs patients (more about this here).

The hospital was again closed down in December 2008, and plans are underway to develop the  hospital as a mixed-use site consisting of a new 26 bed hospital, a new church building, and retail floor space, together with 139 flats.

But for now, it’s a little slice of spooky in Shoreditch.


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