that’s quite enough.

Well, I’m not going to say too much about the past week, as others have done so much more intelligently and eloquently than I ever could (try here, and here). Instead here are some brilliant images and moments that I’ve seen around, which sum up just how far a sense of humour and a good cup of tea can go to keep spirits up and bring people together.

Can we have our streets back now please?

Firstly, I think this sums up what a lot of us were thinking:

(via Twitter)

A nice bit of pictorial satire:

(via Twitter)

Tea goes a long way in keeping us going – like the fantastic organised brew of #OperationCupOfTea and this great image of a couple making tea for weary coppers (read the full story here):

And of course, being a very British riot, we then got involved with the clean-up the next morning. Here’s a pic from Clapham Junction (via BBC News).

And finally, possibly my favourite Twitter stream ever, from the Dolphin Pub in Hackney – right in the centre of it all on Monday night:


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