happy new year

This time last year, me and my other half sat down and wrote a list of things we wanted to do in 2011. It’s not worth listing them here, because obviously, they weren’t all acheived. Some of them were, yes. The easy ones maybe. But instead of worrying about what I didn’t do, here’s some things I did this year that make me happy, in no particular order. (And before you ask, despite appearances, this list does not belong to an 80 year old…) 

1. Read 50 books. And perhaps a little bit more. But I lost count and have no memory so the full list isn’t available to my brain…

2. Joined the WI

3. Learnt to knit.

4. And made these:

5. Learnt (a very small amount of) a new language.

6. Went to a new country.

7. Got a new job.

8. Made bread.

9. Auditioned for the opening ceremony of the Olympics…

10. Learnt to walk on crutches.

11. Actually made Christmas presents for people.

12. Did a tai chi lesson

13. And a jui jitsu class

14. Asked Gwyneth Paltrow a question

15. Learnt how to bind a book.

16. Turned 30 without freaking out (too much).

17. Joined a flashmob.

18. Helped two girls to learn to read.

19. Saw Giant Pandas.

20. Made a meringue…

Now I appreciate that my list is probably nothing to some of you, and completely dull to others. But this is what makes me smile. There are probably many other little things I could include, but 20 seems a good place to stop. I also know how lucky I am that I’ve been able to do all these things this year. But this year I’m going to dispense with the to-do list, as I have enough of these at work. I just want to have a “have done” list at the end of the year that makes me proud.

So, what’s on your list?

(Image at top from all over the internet – not sure who owns exactly, but found via @palomafaith!)