travel planning

I am travelling to India very soon and wanted to find out whether I could leave some luggage at Mumbai airport for a day while I explore the city.

This is what I found when I Googled:

The international Terminal is busiest at nocturnal, while the domestic Terminal is engaged during the day. Delays from airstrip congestion are a big obstacle at Mumbai airport. Flights are steadily delayed 20-30 rewording because of this.

Mumbai airport steadily causes muddle to travelers because both the international and domestic terminals, while being located in vacate periphery, are named Chhatrapati Shivaj International Airport

If your permit for a domestic stay states that it”s departure from the international airport, this does not mean the international Terminal. Make certainly you do go to the domestic Terminal.

Luggage storage facilities in Mumbai airport:
If you do not want to analyze into a land in Mumbai, just break your luggage at the defy in Mumbai airport. There are perfectly two 24-hour-open luggage stockroom quarters at the airport. One extent is in the middle of domestic terminals 1A and 1B, and the other is outdoor the form and close to the taxi commons. In the before one, luggage below 30kg will be exciting 15 INR (Indian Rupee) per day and luggage over 30kg will exciting 20 INR per day. Also, some small articles will damage you solely 5 INR per day for store. While in the later one, it will damage you 20 INR per part per day.

I’m not sure I want to analyze into a land in Mumbai, nor break my luggage at the defy.

But I am pretty sure I will be caused muddle.


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