To-do List 1: Let them eat brioche

I finally finished the first thing on my to-do list – the scarf – and it looks like the weather has changed to Autumn just at the right time! I made this from some yarn I picked up in a little shop in Dunblane (near Andy Murray’s gold postbox!) whilst on my holiday in Scotland.

The shop was closing down and was selling off balls of this lovely Rico Creative Liesl yarn for 2 balls for a tenner, instead of £13.99 for a single ball! So, despite not having a plan, I bought 2 balls in a lovely maroon colour, with a bit of sparkle running through – as a Yorkshirewoman, I can never let a bargain pass me by. Of course, I’m now kicking myself for not buying more, but there was literally no room in my suitcase for anything else.

988ba3194298b898a6e2d49dafe91355(Image from the Rico Design website)

I basically just wanted to recreate the design on the picture on the packaging, which was a brioche stitch scarf. It took me several goes with different sets of instructions before  I could get going with this. I’m not sure why I struggled so much with the stitch, as once I got going, it really is a simple stitch to use. I finally found a pattern that made sense to me on Ravelry, for a brioche stitch infinity scarf – although I’ve left the ends loose for a normal scarf instead of joining them together. You might also see from the pictures that there is a slightly different pattern at each end – this is basically because I made a mistake for a couple of rows (bringing the yarn to the front of the knitting in the Yarn Over, instead of leaving it at the back), and decided to just recreate this error at the other end instead of unpicking it all and starting over (for the 5th time!). I’m going to give this away as a gift – packing for my move has uncovered an embarrassingly large stash of scarves, so I certainly don’t need any more – but I’m not sure who to yet.


(Not sure why I look so annoyed in this photo!)

To make this I used 1 and a quarter 200g balls of Rico Creative Liesl yarn, although according to the website you can use just one ball – I guess I like my scarves extra chunky…

Cast on an even number of stitches to the width you want your scarf to be (I did 24 stitches)

Row 1: *Yarn over, Slip 1 purl wise,  Knit 1* Repeat *_* to end

Row 2: *Yarn over, Slip 1 purl wise, Knit 2 together* Repeat *_* to end

Repeat Row 2 until you are happy with the length of the scarf.

I’ve now got 3/4 of a ball leftover. I would plan to make a matching hat, but that would mean my to-do list will never be completed!

Today’s quote is from Marie Antoinette


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