The home should be the treasure chest of living.


My neighbour at work has been through all the highs and lows of the housebuying process with me, and so she helped me celebrate as only office workers can. With the humble post-it.

Well a couple of weekends ago, it was (finally) moving weekend. And boy, was there a lot of moving involved. My thighs are still feeling the burn. We got our keys on the Friday, and headed straight over to the new flat, keen to get in there and acquaint ourselves with our new home.


Gifts for the estate agents to say thanks! I would be glad I bribed them later, when it came to trying to get in the door…

Only problem is, we couldn’t get in.


The keys! The door! Our home!


Our first view of the new place. For a while, we thought it was the closest we were going to get.

No matter what way we turned those keys, how we pushed and pulled the door, what swear-words we used, we couldn’t get in. Ten minutes and two bashful phonecalls to the estate agent later, we’d managed to figure out the door, and we were in. Home sweet home.


Believe it or not, this wasn’t even the first van load of stuff. We have a lot of stuff. We love stuff. Moving stuff? Not so much fun.

We didn’t move the bulk of the stuff till the next day – we’d ordered a man and van for the recommended time of two hours. After 3 and a half hours and the help of my sister, we were finally there. Surrounded by boxes and bags, but officially moved into our new home.



Siva and my sister take a well deserved lunchbreak in the garden. (Sidenote: we have a garden!)

Before using our new cooker, we boiled milk and sugar on the hob in a new pan, as part of a hindu housewarming ceremony.


And then of course I couldn’t wait to make that Chocolate, Strawberry and Nutella cake.


So much cream, so many layers.

So there it is, our new home. And I’ll try to keep the gushing to a minimum, but I am so happy we’re finally in. And it’s ours, all ours!


Our temporary sofa, till the real one turned up. Priorities!

Today’s quote is from Le Corbusier


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