Five people that win… December

1. Beyoncé, obvs.

2. Anyone who made these Miley-inspired Christmas decorations.

(There’s still time to make your own – visit this website for a template!)

3. J-Law. Always, but especially for this face.

jennifer lawrence

4. Whoever came up with these Christmas decorations in the Landmark Centre, Hong Kong.


(Apologies for the amateur video – this is my first time trying to record one. Who knew portrait mode was a stupid way to take a video?)


5. Calvin, with special mention going to Bill Murray for his wonderful assist*.

* Full disclosure: Calvin wins December every year.

God bless us, every one. Have a wonderful Christmas everybody x


To do list 4: There’s really nothing quite as sweet as tiny little baby feet

The to-do list goes on. Slowly slowly. Although I’m adding to it quicker than I’m completing things, I am still working away at the things on there!

Baby booties. Acting as cutesy ornaments until baby arrives...

Baby booties. Acting as cutesy ornaments until baby arrives…

My most recent completed project were these adorable baby booties. Originally meant for a friend who is due in February – but I since found out that another friend is due sooner – any day now I think – and so the to-do list simultaneously decreased and increased by one.

2013-12-09 21.02.26

Apologies for the rubbish photo. I finished these late at night, the night before flying to Hong Kong for Christmas, so didn’t get a chance to take any better photos!

I used this free pattern from Ravelry – I wanted something straightforward, as I find knitting on small needles so tricksy (am all fingers and thumbs, and a frequent dropper of stitches), and also knitted on straight needles – so I could use what supplies I already had. I got the wool from John Lewis – My First Regia (picture below), which cost less than two pounds for a 25g ball, and was really easy to work with. I used less than one ball, and I reckon I could squeeze another pair of booties out of what’s left. Although of course I got over excited in John Lewis haberdashery, and bought two balls.

The second ball of yarn, ready for more booties.

The second ball of yarn, ready for more booties.

  I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. The pattern is really straightforward, and it doesn’t take long for it to start to come together and look like something suitable for tiny feet. I had to learn one new stitch – ssk, or slip slip knit* – but other than that, it was pretty easy. I really like the ribbons as a tie, too. Let’s hope the bump likes them too!

Big foot, little foot.

Big foot, little foot.

* ssk is a way of decreasing when knitting. To do this, slip two stitches knitwise, one at a time, on to your righthand needle. Then insert the lefthand needle through the front of these two slipped stitches. Pull the yarn up and over the righthand needle, then pull it through – and so knitting these two stitches together. The lionbrand website has a good picture of this stitch here – always better than trying to describe it with words!

Chutney update

The finished product, ready to add to hampers!

The finished product, ready to add to hampers!

Thought you might like to see the chutney, all  prettied up and ready to add to Santa’s sacks! I just used some scrap vintage fabric I picked at The Shop on Cheshire Street, drawing round a coaster and cutting it out with pinking shears. I secured it with some string, then added labels I picked up in Paperchase, et voila!

We’ve had a few people off sick in the office, so we’re doing Christmas hampers for them. We’re also doing a collection for In Deep, a London-based charity that works with older people in the community, aiming to bring people together with a range of activities and services – as many of the people they help don’t have family, or their family lives too far away to make regular visits. I thought something homemade might be a nice touch – I just hope they like it!