You know what I like about rich kids? BAM! Nothing.

After this fantastic gif-set of all the Chrismukkahs crossed my path over Christmas, I firmly declared on Twitter that my new year’s resolution would be to rewatch The O.C.

I know, right? Lofty aspirations are not really my thing.

So with a new kitten on my lap and a long wait in for a furniture delivery ahead of me, I settled in with season 1. And boy, is it as good (better?) than I remember. Marissa’s still as whiny and annoying as she ever was – but hey, at least her troubles with alcohol and drugs are authentically grimy and dangerous – there she is getting proper passed out wasted, not just “having a few drinks, being disapproved of, then seeing the error of her ways” like we used to see in American teen drama. And Ryan – I never appreciated this before, but the guy gives amazing side eye. I might have to try and incorporate this into my reaction repertoire.

And of course there’s Seth and Summer. The world’s perfect couple. Although I do want to be Kirsten and Sandy when I grow up.

I can barely put into words how much I loved this show when it first aired (on T4 – remember that? Remember Steve Jones and the Schwartz Report?) – I mean, I was long out of high school and old enough to know better, but years after it ended I still found myself sighing and saying to those around me “I miss The O.C.”, like it was an old friend, rather than just a smart-ass TV show with an above average soundtrack (“Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” remains the only U2 record that I think will survive the cull, when the cull comes, and all due to the fact it appeared in this show.)

This is a new year’s resolution I’m really going to enjoy keeping. What TV shows do you want to revisit this year?


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