To-do list 6: I like to hear a storm at night. It is so cosy to snuggle down among the blankets and feel that it can’t get at you.

So, getting on for 6 months after moving into our flat, I finally finished the cable-throw-of-a-thousand-deadlines (“I’ll get it done before we move home”, I said, “I’ll finish it for Christmas”, I vowed…)

instaquote-12-09-2013-20-51-51 (1)

This was my first attempt at cabling, and I was very surprised at how straightforward it was. To cable, all you need is a cable needle, which is a small knitting needle with a bend in it. When you get to the point in your pattern where the cable starts, simply slip the required number of stitches onto the cable needle. Then either move them to the front of your needles when you carry on knitting the rest of your stitches (a left cross cable), or move them to the back of the needles (a right cross cable) – the direction will be clear in the pattern.

The two different directions of cable.

The pattern I used was the Lion Brand cable comfort throw pattern – available free from their website, all you need to do is register. The throw is knit on 9mm needles in five long panels, then sewn together – which means you don’t have to worry about lugging around a huge throw every time you want to get out your knitting. It’s a great pattern for people who are new to cabling as it’s knit on big chunky wool, so you can see what your doing. I don’t think you can get Lion Brand yarn easily in the UK, so instead I used Hayfield Super Chunky yarn, which is so easy to work with and feels really cosy in the finished throw. It’s 80% acrylic and 20% wool, so it’s machine-washable too.


So here it is!


It seems to be a big hit with Maeby too – as soon as it was finished and on the back of the sofa she lept up and tried to get her claws into it, before finally settling down to sleep. Sorry Maeby, you’re going to have to share this with me…

Proof of cosiness.

Proof of cosiness.

Today’s quote is from L. M. Montgomery


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