The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.‏

Not content with my current number of hobbies, and being inspired by the sunshine (sporadic as it is), and the fact that I have my own garden for the first time since leaving home, I decided all of a sudden that I am a gardener. There is no evidence to back this up, however – in fact, the myriad of dead plants left in my wake over the years would stongly suggest otherwise. Never one to let facts get in the way of a good time, I set about digging things up and chopping things down and gleefully planting seeds here there and everywhere.

And then along came Mother’s Day. Last year I made my mum a tote bag from the Cath Kidston book Sew, and this year I wanted to make her something else. Honestly, it’s like I’ve regressed to being a small child, painstakingly painting stones (just what mum needs, gravel) and crushing rose petals to make a delicious (rank) smelling perfume (globulous liquid) and proudly presenting them to mum alongside some burnt toast and weak tea (my mum doesn’t drink tea). Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

Anyway, I must have had gardening on my mind, and – as my mum is a keen gardener, having successfully kept a whole garden of plants and flowers alive for some years now – I hunted around the internet to find something suitable to make.

I decided on this cute little gardening apron from Sew Mama Sew. Isn’t it great? Very easy to make – all it needs is two rectangles of (fairly hardy) fabric, and bias binding for the ribbon – or of course you can use a longer strip of fabric to make this. In fact, it’s plugged as a fat quarter project – something to use up all those small bits of fabric you fall in love with at the haberdashery and justify to yourself as a bargain, despite knowing full well they are too small to make anything useful. The tutorial is all online, and it’s very easy to follow.

untitled (2)

I currently have a bulging, overflowing stash (humblebrag), and so was able to make this out of fabric I already had – an unidentified stiff blue fabric I picked up in a shop on Brick Lane (no idea what I was planning to use this for, but I have reams of it), and leftover patterned cotton from John Lewis, originally used for the tote bag last year. All I needed was some bias binding in a nice contrasting red, and away we go!

This was a really simple make, perfect to do in a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon. So easy, in fact, I made one for myself too (now I’m practically a professional gardener, and all) out of the other bit of fabric left over from the tote bag – which rather cutely match my gardening gloves. I’m nothing if not twee.


Too lazy to go out in the actual garden. See evidence of living plant behind.

I ruined *ahem* customised  my mum’s with some rather embarrassing embroidery. Yep. I think I need to recognise my limits. I can follow patterns (to some extent). I can’t do freehand embroidery.


Seriously. What does this even say.

My mum was dead pleased with her apron, despite Scotland still being too arctic for thoughts of gardening (she tactfully avoided mentioning the embroidery) – and now I have the nifty outfit, all I need now is some greenfingers to go with it.

Today’s quote is from Alfred Austin


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