Five people that win… April

1. Victoria Coren-Mitchell

A poker fiend – who knew! Not only was she the first woman to win the European Poker Tour back in 2006, but this April she went and won it again – becoming the first person ever to win twice. Not bad going. In 2009 she published a book – For Richer, For Poorer – A Love Affair With Poker – in which she describes how she came to fall in love with, and excel at, the game. I loved this quote from it, in which she describes winning the tournament in 2006:

And it feels like the moment when Alice has worked out how to get her hands on the little golden key, she has bitten into the magic mushroom and grown larger and smaller and larger and smaller but finally found her balance and taken the key and unlocked the door and she finds herself at last in the beautiful garden, among the bright flower beds and the cool fountains.

2. Mean Girls – 10 years old on the 30th April!

We’ll gloss over just quite how old that makes me feel, and just bow down at how awesome that film is, and how no teen movie since has really come close since it came out (Although perhaps Easy A is a contender. Another red-head lead actress. Coincidence?) . There are so many articles around at the moment celebrating its genius. A look back at the fashion, perhaps? Are you an expert? Take the quiz! (I scored a quite frankly disappointing 13 out of 20. So not fetch). Can you guess the quotes? (Incidentally, the Prince Charles Cinema in London does regular Mean Girls Quote-a-longs. I think I need to get some practice in.) The news that Tina Fey wants to adapt it into a stage musical just makes my little heart dance with joy.

3. John Green.

Ok. Full disclosure. I am 33 years old. I really have no business in celebrating the awesomeness of teen movies, and sobbing my way through Young Adult novels. But that’s where I am in my life and I own it. And if you’re going to inappropriately sob snotty tears on the tube whilst reading a book written for people nearly 20 years younger than you, then you should do it to a book written by this guy.

I’ve got my timings all wrong with this one, cause the book (The Fault in Our Stars) came out years ago, I read it last year, and the movie adaptation isn’t out until June. I don’t care. I found this interview with him in Vulture, and the extended trailer came out a couple of days ago, and so to me he qualifies for an April win. (My blog, my rules).

I’m gonna need a lot of tissues for this one.

4. Prince George

Breaking Antipodean hearts wherever he goes.

I know this is the future leader of my country, but - look at his little face!

I know this is the future leader of my country, but – look at his little face!

5. Ellen Page

Again, technically I should have put her in February. But this latest interview with her in Flare magazine just reminded me, and the world, what a role model should be. So I’m flaunting my non-existent rules once again.


Unrelated, but. Is it just me or does she look like Rose Byrne in this picture?

Unrelated, but. Is it just me or does she look like Rose Byrne in this picture?

And, seeing as I started this last month, I thought I would continue. April’s Villain of the Month just has to be King Joffrey. I will say no more for fear of spoilers, but… Aha. Ahahaahahaha. Aha. That is all.


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