The Ancient Mariner would not have taken so well if it had been called The Old Sailor.

Next up was possibly the most complicated pattern I’ve ever sewn – the Kwik Sew shorts pattern. I actually saw the pattern on Handmade Jane’s blog, as one of the ones she was planning to make, and in fact our makes have ended up quite similar!


Happy shorts.

Happy shorts.


I really love these shorts. They have again come up really roomy – even though I took into account the amount of ease in the pattern when selecting my size, so I definitely think I will go a size down next time. 

Extra space for pies.

Extra space for pies.

I made these up in a navy linen-poly blend (I think) I got from John Lewis, so not cheap, but I wanted to be sure of the fabric I was using to give me a better chance of doing it right, and it coming up as it said on the pattern. I also wanted to go Full Nautical.


Although the pattern was complicated (for me, a beginner!) – the first shorts/trouser pattern I had made – once I’d taken a few deep breaths and read the instructions out loud a few times, it did all come together properly. This is possibly the first time I’ve made something without any (major) mistakes, proof positive that it pays to take it slow sometimes.

I think I got carried away with the poses.

I think I got carried away with the poses.

The buttons are from John Lewis, and I stupidly didn’t take my tape measure to the shop, so they are slightly bigger than the pattern suggests – but it doesn’t matter. And this is the first time I used the one-step buttonhole function on my new machine (oh, did I mention I got a new machine? After having to reattach the presserfoot mid-sew one too many times on my aunty’s old machine, I decided to regift it to my sister and use my birthday money to splash out on a  new Janome – and I love it!).

Check out those button-holes. Hubba hubba.

Check out those button-holes. Hubba hubba.

I am really proud of these (hence all the silly photos). The bigger size doesn’t matter too much as I can just wear them sitting on the hips rather than on the waist, and they are so comfy. A great addition to my handmade wardrobe.

Today’s quote is by Samuel Butler.



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