Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.

So you may have guessed from my earlier posts that I have a problem with expensive fabric and luxury haberdasheries? Well, helloooo Liberty sale. 



But look how beautiful they all are! All in a soft drapey lawn.

So after my bank manager had had a stern word, I then set about working out how to use them – top/blouse patterns for a metre of fabric anyone? Well, you’d think it was an impossible ask, but when, during a visit to the guys at the fantastic Crescent Trading off Brick Lane with my Shoreditch Sisters, they let out the secret that fabric requirements on patterns should be taken with a pinch of salt, I began to wonder…

My First Liberty Lawn make (I feel this deserves a fanfare) was the camisole from the GBSB book. I omitted the frilly placket (is that the right word) and buttons, and decided not to make my own bias binding (I couldn’t bear the risk that I would mess it up, as I’ve never made it before, and think of all that lovely Liberty lawn all forlorn and unusable if I did), but happily I already had some in my stash which matched perfectly.

Totally need a better mirror for my selfies.

Totally need a better mirror for my selfies.

This was a really simple and quick sew (if you don’t include the time it takes to print out the pattern and tape the thing together. Maeby helped with this), and it was really satisfying to be able to cut this out and make it up in less time than it took for one team to do ball sportsing better than another team done did kick ball sportsing. Or something*.

It fits pretty well – I didn’t want to end up with a tent a la the tunic from the same book, so tried this on when it was pnned together to make sure that it wouldn’t result in any wardrobe malfunctions, and the only thing I would say is that you probably need an extra pair of hands to help you pin the cross-over straps in the right place. (I was pretty bossy and insisted they aligned properly and were symmetrical. Poor boyfriend. But that’s the price you pay for world cup addiction).

photo (16)

I can see myself wearing this for lazy days in the garden, soaking up the sun. It’s a perfect little quick stashbuster, so I can see myself making a few more of these for some instant gratification.

Today’s quote is from Oscar Wilde.

*I feel like I need to clarify here that I actually do like watching football. But one game every so often is sufficient. By the time we’re halfway through the group stages in the World Cup I thought my brain was going to come out of my earholes every time I heard that “Brazilllll BRAZIIILLLL” theme tune that ITV thought was so catchy and not at all annoying.


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