If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.

After the camisole, I decided to try a new pattern that I’d heard a lot about on other blogs – the Afternoon Blouse from Jennifer Lauren Vintage. Being a sewing newbie, I don’t have much confidence about knowing what fabrics will work well with what patterns – but after seeing other versions on the web in Liberty lawns, I knew I’d found my next project.


Props are not as random as it looks – I’m using them in my show and thought I’d give em a whirl.

I decided to go with the white and blue fabric, because I thought it had a Hokusai feel to it which worked well with the Kimono sleeves. What with this, and my starring turn* in The Mikado, I’m coming over all Japanese.

This was another pdf pattern, but Jennifer has brilliantly arranged them so you only have to print out the bits you need, and they are on separate taped together sheets – so much easier to handle.

The make itself was really straightforward – any mistakes are completely my own, and because I was a bit hamfisted around the interfaced neckline. However, it’s turned out alright in the end – it’s really simple and easy to wear, and fits really nicely – how she’s managed this with no darts, I have no idea.


This was my first attempt at grading a pattern – I was a 12 in the bust measurement, and a 10 at the waist. I don’t know if I did it right (just drew a sloping diagonal line to join the two lines at an arbitrary point, and then matched up the traced pattern to make sure it was the same on front and back), but I think it’s worked out ok.

Must have a fan in every shot.

Must have a fan in every shot.

The only thing I’m not happy with is the button. I was in such a rush to finish this up, I chose one of the buttons I already had, rather than wait till I could get out to a shop. This is easily changed though, and at least I can wear this in the mean time until the right button comes along!

Today’s quote is from Lin Yutang.

*as a chorus member


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