Five people that win… July

1. Tunnocks teacakes.


For their services to my belly, and their invaluable contribution to the commonwealth games opening ceremony.

2.       Caitlin Moran’s merch

I was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to the opening night of Caitlin Moran’s book tour to promote her new novel “How to Build a Girl”. Although I have since read the novel and found it wanting*, the merchandise from the (very fun) night has continued to give me joy.

Behold, the Feminist Necklace. Wear with pride and whilst patriarchy-smashing. IMG_20140704_083740

*I may have reached Peak Moran. Although I have always loved her writing, her novel just seems to be a retelling of the tale we’ve heard before in both her articles and her previous book “How to be a Woman” (perhaps the similarly phrased title should have been a warning). I think she needs a new story.

3.       Grosvenor Light Opera Company

In other words, some light self-congratulation. We recently finished our week-long run of The Mikado in Islington Arts and Media School, and in August will be taking the show to the Harrogate International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival. I joined the company (chorus member 4 lyf) last year, when we did Patience, and I haven’t looked back since. I have so much fun doing these shows that I am considering joining the committee next year as I want to get more involved. Although the week of the show is always knackering (especially when you take into account the aftershow party), the joy of being on stage and singing your heart out/hamming it up makes it all worth it.  So, if you’re in Harrogate in August, or even fancy joining our next production, why don’t you check us out?


4.       Zac Efron riding topless on a horse.


Hello ladies.

I’ll just leave that there for you.

5. This Grandpa and his mad dancing skillz.

Villain of the month – well, I did waiver about awarding this to Secret Cinema for their amateur bungling about the cancellation of Back to the Future, but as I am off to see it next Sunday I thought I would wait and see what they are offering up before joining the hordes of complainers. Fingers crossed it’s all worth it!

So instead, I award this to the humble handshake. Which apparently is villainously spreading germs all over the place, and instead we should be going around giving everyone fistbumps instead like some kind of deluded 14 year old.

Will file this one under “not on my watch”.


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