I don’t know why, but the meals we have on picnics always taste so much nicer than the ones we have indoors.‏

…And finally from my world-cup induced sewing extravaganza (and from this rather embarrassing “photo-shoot” was Tilly’s Picnic Blanket skirt.


You may recall that this has been on my to-do list since the end of time. I first started making this with some vintage fabric from The Shop, however this was before I knew a thing about fabric and stretch and weight etc (I still know next to nothing, so just imagine how little I knew a year ago), and not only was the fabric an absolute b*tch to work with and cut out, it absolutely refused to gather – instead defiantly causing me to snap thread on a minute-by-minute basis.

Needless to say it soon went to the Great Basket of Unfinished Objects in the Sky (the GBUFOS for short), but the guilt of never finishing that first project remained.

So, with this new burst of sewing enthusiasm that the football inspired, I decided to revisit this pattern, this time with a far more suitable fabric. I have no idea what the fabric is  – I got it for the grand total of 20p at a craft stall that my WI ladies were manning. It’s a lovely pink colour, fairly heavy weight (but not upholstery or curtain heavy – a key point!) – and if you look really closely, every 30cm or so there’s a gold coloured R embossed on the fabric, which I only noticed after I’d bought it… You have to really want to see it though, so I’m not that bothered. At the very least it will make a good talking point.


Now I had a more suitable fabric, this pattern came together like a breeze – even the gathering was fun to do – nothing like the headachey clusterf*ck of last time. I changed nothing, apart from to sew the button holes parallel with the length of the dress (rather than parallel with the waist, as suggested by Tilly) – this was mainly to stop me having to do more maths to work out where to place them. And me, a maths graduate. I should be ashamed.

I think I still need to do something about the top button though, it’s sitting kinda funny. To sort out later…


Because the dress has a folky theme, and I liked the contrast of the white thread against the pink fabric, I hemmed all the way around in this lovely decorative stitch on my new machine.


Pretty but slow.

Why did no-one tell me decorative stitches take approximately 3 years to sew?

Anyway, I think it was just about worth it in the end – apart from the fact I think this is a little short, no? Could do with about an inch longer – it kinds of risks all sorts of flashing, and given that this is a picnic blanket skirt, made to be worn at picnics, sat on a blanket, it might not leave much to the imagination. I’ve left enough in the hem for me to sort this out, but right now (if ever) I can’t bear the thought of unpicking all that lovely stitch and re-doing it. We shall see! 

Today’s quote was said by George in Enid Blyton’s Five Go Off in a Caravan

(I found a nsfw quote from Christopher Hitchens about picnics, but decided I was too ladylike to choose it. Feel free to look it up at your leisure…)




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