I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

I still haven’t been able to get out in the garden to take photos of the clothes I’ve been making. A combination of holiday and constant rain has been getting in my way… However, I’ve quickly knocked up a couple of cushions – one for my be-hind, to keep my ass comfortable when I’m sewing, and one for outside in the garden.


Home sewing is easy. Or so they say.

After my first attempt at an envelope cushion (for my spoilt cat’s bed, I could count the number of times she’s used it on one hand) which wasn’t so much an envelope, more a rectangle with a flap, I decided to actually follow some instructions this time.


Here she sits. Here. Not on my lovingly made cushion though. Oh no.

I found a straightforward tutorial on A Beautiful Mess – and now I’ve done it once, I can see how easy it is. Will definitely be making more. I do love a cushion. Through this tutorial, I also discovered the existence of waterproofing spray – which is perfect for my outside cushions. I don’t think I’ll be testing it by leaving it out in the kind of downpours we’ve been having this past week, but they should survive the odd shower when I’ve forgotten to bring them inside.


I love the fabric I’ve used for this – isn’t the one for the sewing cushion (on the left) just perfect? Both patterns are by Alexander Henry. I got them both from fabricyard.com, with only a pound delivery charge and I got them just a day and a half after I ordered them. Fantastic service – will definitely use them again!


Cushions in situ. Grim weather outlook model’s own.

I’m particularly proud of the pattern matching I did on the sewing cushion. It was perfect – until I put the cushion pad in. Ah well. I couldn’t pattern match on the outside cushion as I didn’t have enough fabric – I did eke out two covers for 50×50 cushion pads out of one metre of fabric, which makes me very happy.

Pattern matching? Nailed it.

Pattern matching? Nailed it.


Pattern matching. How I miss you so.


Now we just need some sunshine!

Today’s quote is by Henry David Thoreau


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