A bear, however hard he tries, gets tubby without exercise.

I am getting so behind on my sewing updates, and have decided just to go out of order until I can get all the photos taken and uploaded.

I found this project whilst looking for free sewing patterns (always a northerner at heart!) – it’s the City Gym shorts by PurlBee. I wanted to try it as it looked like it might be a quick sew, and one that I’ll get a lot of use out of. Also, I still have a fair amount of Liberty Lawn left over from the camisole I made a little while back, and I thought it would go perfectly with some chambray I’d picked up from John Lewis.

The pattern comes in a several different sizes, based on hip measurements. I sewed up the 41-43in ones, but I think I could do with going a size down. I didn’t want to risk shorts splitting mid-lunge though, so I played it safe (and baggy) with the sizes.


Not looking my best. But avoid the just-got-out-of-bed-and-into-sports-clothes look, and focus on the shorts.

Don’t think it matters though – they look fine, and the bigger size means lots of room for squats (unfortunately).

They were really straightforward to make – the instructions were clear and suitable for beginners, and a satisfyingly quick make. I started them off on Friday night accompanied by a glass of red wine and the Paris Sewing Room Spotify playlist from Workplace Social (check it out, it really is the perfect soundtrack for a sewing session), but had a friend coming to stay that evening so had to finish them off the next morning. I actually finished them off the next morning just minutes before I left to go to my kettlebells class but I was too chicken to give them the first run in front of others in case of splittage or a falling down incident… I guess I need a few more makes before I completely trust my sewing skills!


Grrgh. Arrrgh. And other weights-related noises.

Thought I’d share a couple of action shots of them – proof that they are being used for their intended purpose! This is at the local outdoor gym which is just round the corner from our flat. It’s a great spot for the local community to use, really well kept and has a few different machines for keeping in shape. You can find your local one here.


I am woman. Hear me roar.

Today’s quote is from Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne.em>

Five people that win… August

Oh dear, am a day late with this. The kids are not only back to school, they’ve practically finished their exams. Anyway, on we go.

1 and 2. Mel and Sue (hey, that rhymed!)

Obviously, I am chuffed to bits that the Great British Bake-Off is back on our screens, and it wouldn’t be the same without these two irreverently saucy presenters. I’m not going to weigh in on Bingate, but instead leave you with a chocolate mousse chase.


3. Kamla Devi

Erm, hello. She fought off and killed a leopard. A leopard.

I gathered my courage to fight back. I promised myself that this is not my last day here.

A leopard. I can’t even fight off my kitten when she wants to have a go at me.

4. Kate Bush

I wasn’t one of the lucky few who got tickets, but by all accounts, Kate Bush has been storming the stage during her comeback concerts at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Here she is doing what she does best – dancing awkwardly in a field whilst singing about a 19th century literary masterpiece.

Keep doing what you’re doing Kate.

5. Ai Hin

ai hin

Ai Hin looking sheepish.


Come on, we’ve all been there. Amirite ladies?

Oh god guys I almost forgot about Villain of the Month – and no it’s not Diana.

Have you seen True Detective? Have you though? Wow. That series had its flaws (I don’t think it’s as clever as it thinks it is) – but when it was right, it was oh so right (hello episode 4 and the escape from the undercover operation), and Rusty and Martin will stay with me for a long time to come, as two of the most interesting and inventive characters I’ve seen on TV perhaps ever. All the feels.

But the bad guy. Oh, the bad guy. Gives me the creeps like no other bad guy I’ve ever come across. I was walking down the street at the weekend and saw a guy who looked just like him – my boyfriend had to practically prise my fingers away from the vice like grip I had on his arm as I was so freaked out. Nightmares forever.