Five people that win… September

I have totally fallen off the blogging wagon recently. I don’t know why that is – I have a backlog of sewing and knitting projects to share, and although I’ve not kept up with my GBSB challenge, I am still working my way slowly through the recipes and want to keep the blog updated. Perhaps I’m suffering from that blogger burnout talked about in the NY Times (joke – I think it’s more likely just to be laziness!). Seriously though, I’m not sure what it is. Recently when I’ve had an evening or weekend at home, rather than crafting (although I haven’t stopped completely), or getting on my computer, I’ve been staring at the TV, thumbing through updates on my phone and not really engaging with anything.

Right now though, I’ve taken a random mid-week day of leave  to sort out the flat before some friends come to stay – when you’re listless on the sofa, housework tends to go by the wayside. The kitchen and bathroom are clean, the washing and dishwasher are on, and all the floors have been mopped. I have a cup of coffee, A Star Is Born is on the TV, a new job is on the horizon and I’m feeling pretty good about things. Judy Garland and James Mason – it doesn’t get much better than that. (Remind me to do my James Mason impression next time we meet over a cocktail. It’s a classic*.)

There’s not much that Judy can’t fix.

Anyway, enough of the introspection. I have still been taking notes on who’s won (and lost) September, so let me get on with that, and let’s hope October brings more blogging!

1. This Texas floating baby spa.

floating babies

(Photo taken from The Guardian website)

FLOATING BABIES. I can say no more.

2. Oh Joan Joan Joan. You had your critics, you made your mistakes. But you were truly one of the kind. RIP you old ham.

joan rivers

3 and 4.Vivian Boyack and Alice Dubes, who got married in Iowa after 72 years together.

(Photo taken from the BBC news website)

(Photo taken from the BBC news website)

What a wonderful story – they must have quite a few stories to tell. Many congratulations, and may they have many more happy years together!

5. Emma Watson.

You who know me know my feminist leanings. And we have a new spokeswoman in Hermione no less. Check out the campaign HeForShe here, and join in the conversation – male, female or other.

And Villain of the Month this month is an actual bonafide villain (allegedly). Living in the East End, I have a fascination with the history of the area – and one of the most infamous events in the area are the doings of Jack the Ripper, and the legend has lived on and on because he was never found. You can go here to find a comprehensive summary of all the different theories about his identity.

Well, theories are no longer needed (possibly) – because he’s been found. And found guilty. All because of a scarf, and that old chestnut – DNA. Aaron Kosminski, a barber from Poland is whodunit. Villain of the month – and of the last century and a quarter or so.



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