Winter is coming.

Bit of a dramatic title for a blog entry about knitting, but I do like an entrance.

I have two different knitting projects to share with you today – one for a grown-up, and one for a teeny tiny baby.

Let’s start with the baby. My friend recently had a little boy – very little, as he was born a massive three months early – and to celebrate his arrival I made some cute little booties and a matching hat from free patterns on ravelry.


The booties are the Mary Jane booties by Lucy Sinkler. They were very easy to knit up, using garter stitch, and knit flat. I got the little yellow buttons from John Lewis, and the yarn is a My First Regia. I actually started to knit this up before the baby came and I knew the sex, as I thought the purple running through the yarn would be more obvious, and the finished booties would be less blue. But no matter, the baby blue has worked out fine!

And there was enough yarn left over to knit up a hat – it wasn’t in the original plan, but I think the matching set will look lovely when he’s able to be out and about and wearing clothes. The hat pattern is the Eyelet baby hat by Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days which is super quick to knit up, and taught me a new stitch – the PSSO (Pass Slipped Stitch Over) to create holes in the hat. I actually had to make this twice – this shows how fast it was to knit – the first time I mis-understood the PSSO stitch. The pattern says S1 K1 PSSO, and for some reason I decided that PSSO meant S1 K1 THEN pass the slipped stitch over. So basically I was doubling the slipped and knit stitches. Bear has a small brain. I didn’t realise until the very end, despite the fact that the count never worked at the end of the row… And THEN, it that wasn’t enough, when it came time to sew it up, it started to unravel. Not cool, dude.

But the second time around, it all worked ok and I think it looks so cute!

2014-10-02 18.53.58

Bit of a blurry photo, but you get the idea!

And then onto the adults. Basically I had 4 balls of yarn left over from my throw so I decided to use up my stash and make a matching hat and scarf combo. Nothing much to say about either of them – the scarf is knit up in stocking stitch – using 3 balls – and the hat is ribbed all the way up (knit in the round) with a pompom on top – from the book Learn to Knit, Love to Knit – and this used up the final ball.

These simple knits don’t really need four pictures but we had so much fun taking them, with Maeby wanting a piece of the action, I thought I’d share a few with you! I apologise for the poseur photo at the end, not sure what I was doing.

IMG_4601   IMG_4605  IMG_4608 IMG_4611

Everyone loves a pompom

Today’s quote is – well, if you don’t know, where have you been?


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