Be careful–with quotations, you can damn anything.

Given my love of a good quote (and, conversely, hatred of these inspirational quotes that keep popping up everywhere *shakes fist at Instagram*), I couldn’t resist sharing this Guardian article about the proliferation of these “uplifting” and “enriching” (ugh) two line snippets that are impossible to avoid, unless you live in a world without coffee shop chalkboards, or have no access to social media (I’m looking at you, Facebook).


Image taken from the Scarfolk Council website. Surreal and frightening, in equal measure.

I don’t know who gets inspiration from this type of thing, at their best they raise in me a wry smile (especially on tube station whiteboards), at worst, they make me ragey. Especially when they are accompanied by a photoshopped sunset, or a picture of a kitten hanging off a tree (You can do it, little guy! You go Glen Coco!).

If you need an antidote to all the cheer in the world, check out Afterall, it could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

Today’s quote is from André Malraux

Stars will blossom in the darkness, Violets bloom beneath the snow.

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a super Thursday! I have managed to fight off a threatening cold by excessive echinacea consumption and a massive duvet-sofa session, and I’ve also just chased a massive cat that was scaring Maeby, so I am feeling pretty superhuman right now.


I’ve also made a blouse! Well, I finished it on Monday, but am just sharing it with you now because, eh, timings.


It’s the Violet blouse from Colette, which I picked up for the bargainous price of 2 pounds 50 off my friend Caroline who was selling off some of her stash. Bargain, right? I loved the pattern – I’d been wanting to make a blouse for a while, partly to fill a hole in my wardrobe (I say hole, I mean very small tiny little gap in my overstuffed wardrobe, but whatever) and partly just because I hadn’t made one yet. For the learnin’, see?


Anyway, I bought this fabric from John Lewis (shocker) – it’s 100% cotton, and I can’t remember what kind of fabric it is. Sorry. Whatever it is, it is drapey as f**k. It has All The Drape. And the pattern is great.


I may or may not have been inspired by my handbag. Ahem.

I cut out the pieces shortly after getting the fabric, and then didn’t get around to sewing it up for ages – I hate cutting out pattern pieces so much that I need to have a break before the actual sewing. But when I did get around to it, it was quick to put together – I think I did it in an afternoon, apart from the buttons and buttonholes which I did the next day when I had a random day off. And thank god I have a one-step buttonhole step on my machine cause this baby has 10 buttons. TEN. I got these buttons from the market in Bath, don’t they go perfectly?


Buttons buttons buttons.

I’m pretty happy with how this looks – it’s very (very) loose fitting, and I think the collar is slightly (very) skewiff, but tucked into a pencil skirt it looks great, and the loose fit looks great over jeans. And no one but me will notice the collar, a benefit of the noisy print. Bonus.


What on earth is up with my face. Derp.

I think I will make this up again because I think a few of these would be great for work – I might try grading it down at the waist and see how that works out, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve seen a few pics online of other people’s Violet’s where the collar meets in the middle, so I assume that there’s a longer pattern piece out there somewhere, because I think they look super cute.

And I’ll end with a picture of Maeby – this is her way of saying thank you for saving her life from the mean boy cat who invaded her garden. Close – but not TOO close.


Today’s quote is from Julia C.R. Dorr

Five people that win… October.

Oh I really need to take better notice of my calendar. So here’s a very late “Five people that win…” for October. And here we are, nearly at Bonfire Night. Anyone been to any fireworks displays? Our local one was on Sunday night at the park over the road. Given Eric Pickles has just taken over my borough, that might be the last one we ever get.

Anyway, on with the winners, and if you’ll permit me, I’m going to start with a couple of personal ones

1.       William.

The first one is William, who was born 3 months earlier than planned, because he was so keen on meeting his mum Marie, and he couldn’t wait until November. And he’s done so well, that on the 24th October – still 3 weeks before he was even meant to be here! – he was allowed home to his wonderful mummy and daddy.


2.       Flash.

Back when I lived behind Brick Lane, I often used to pass a young gentleman called Flash. A bit of a flirt, he was, following me down the street, catcalling. A cat, obviously. A very friendly one – known to all the neighbourhood, and even known from time to time to take up residence in other people’s homes for as long as he felt was convenient.

Well, poor old Flash was hit by a car a few weeks ago, and very badly injured. His friends and neighbours didn’t forget him or what he meant to them, and raised nearly £7000 to help with his vet’s fees (with the remaining money being donated to Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, who have been absolute heroes in looking after him)


Flash, in his better days.

Despite losing an eye, Flash is doing amazingly well and has shown a remarkable recovery – you’d expect nothing less fro the local neighbourhood supercat. You can read his updates from Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (to whom  he was a frequent visitor) here.

Get well soon, Flash!

That’s enough of the soppy stuff

3.       Daniel Radcliffe

I could have nominated him for this response to a question about the sexualisation of Harry Potter, but no. It’s for a rap (priorities, I know).


What with this, and Emma Stone, perhaps I should just have “celebrities who rap awesomely on Jimmy Fallon” as a permanent shoe-in for the win.

4.       Soshana B Roberts


I mean, we’ve seen this kind of thing before, haven’t we. But it bears repeating, until people take notice. There is no one in my group of female friends who wouldn’t recognise at least one of the behaviours in this video, if not all of them – and seeing them happen to someone else emphasises quite how unacceptable this is.

Also, props to the guys whose response was rape threats. Life – UR doin it wrong.

5.       Serial podcast

Is it even possible to award this to an entity? I dunno – my blog, my rules, I guess. Anyway, at the end of October I discovered the Serial podcast, from the creators of This American Life. It is a weekly in-depth look at a murder case in 1999, and has got me so hooked, I am re-listening to all six episodes so far to make sure I haven’t missed anything before the next episode comes out on Thursday. It’s really thought-provoking stuff, and a fascinating insight into how cases are put together.

Check it out here – then come back and tell me how to feel.

Villain of the month. Oh god, it’s got to be Those Guys from the Walking Dead (season 5). You know the ones. *Shudder*