Five people that win… January

Oof my timekeeping skills leave a lot to be desired. Blame a lazy Sunday! Anyway, on with the good stuff.

1. No-one fights like Gaston, does Press-Ups like Gaston…

Ok so he may be a Disney villain and in any other month be placed in the Villain of the Month category, but this January he proved his worth on this list when a visitor to Disneyland dared question Gaston’s muscly credentials and challenge him to a Press-Up contest.


Who’s laughing now, Random Tourist Guy?

2.       Tina and Amy. Again for the Golden Globes. I think this is the last time they can present it (is it like the Presidency, two times and you’re out?) so of course they claim back their place on the list.

3.       Stephanie Roche

Ok ok so she didn’t technically win (the honour went to Cristiano Ronaldo), but it’s about time women’s football got more recognition on a level playing field with the men. I can’t pretend to know anything about the game – although I have seen a couple of Women’s Championship games* at Fulham**, which I loved – but Stephanie well deserves a place on this list. I’m sure she’s well touched.

Here’s the goal what did it:

*I think this is what they were/what they are called

**Who knows. There was a field. And possibly a statue of Michael Jackson. I just turned up and cheered to be honest.

4.       #thisgirlcan

I love this campaign. I love working out and don’t give a crap what I look like when I do it – the sweatier, the sexier, I say – so this isn’t really aimed at me, but I see myself in each of these awesome, knackered women.

5. The Ghostbusters

Women! All lovely, funny, sexy, awesome women! Bring it on! I can’t wait to see this. Which brings me to…

All you female-ghostbuster haters out there get the dubious honour of being joint villains of the month. Especially you, Ernie Hudson! F*&k off. Pandering, my ass.