In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

Before we brought her home, we brought our kitten a lovely new bed from the pet shop. Since then, the number of beds she has available to her has tripled, and that’s before you start counting Actual Human Beds. One of these beds came about because we had an empty basket sitting on a bookshelf in our bedroom, which Maeby couldn’t resist exploring. And, because she fit, she sit sat. And sat. And slept. Then slept some more. This girl likes to nap.

And then we felt bad that she was basically sleeping on twigs.

I found an old cushion that I no longer used, and luckily – with a bit of a squeeze – it perfectly fit the basket. I wasn’t a fan of the existing cover, and given that it was going to be placed in our bedroom, I decided to get some new fabric and make a new cushion cover. I decided to make an envelope cushion cover, as I thought anything with a zip or buttons, or any other type of fastening, would just get chewed by the little madam.

Now, I’ve sewn a few things in my time. Cushion covers – how hard can they be? I thought. I took a cursory glance at some tutorials online (try this one here on, or this ikea (!) one – which downloads as a .pdf) and then decided Pah! Who needs instructions?

Turns out I do.

Well, the cushion cover won’t win any awards but it does its job. I basically cut out one piece of fabric the width and length of the cushion, plus seam allowance all around. Then in the other contrasting fabric I cut a piece the width then two times the length (plus seam allowance).

I sewed them together at one short end then up one cushion length on each side, so that when you turn it the right way around, you have a pocket for the cushion. Then, to neaten the flap, I folded it in half (right sides together) then sewed up the sides, then flipped it the right way round. This you can then just tuck in the end, once the cushion is inside! Easy! However, this is not the right way to do it, and I highly recommend actually following some proper instructions. It does the job though, and Maeby seems to be a fan!

Do you know how hard it is to make a kitten pose for a photo? The outtakes are many.

Do you know how hard it is to make a kitten pose for a photo? The outtakes are many.

Part of the reason I messed up took a unique approach to the envelope cushion, was that my boyfriend and I were watching The Shining. And then I started to freak out, and imagine that the pattern on the cushion cover totally has a look of the infamous Shining carpet about it.



And look at my sofa cushions.


Wait. Am I in The Shining? Am I in Room 237? AM I DANNY?


 But I could totally go one step further. Check out this vase from Oliver Bonas.

Photo of

That has to be intentional right? A Room 237 vase. For those who want a sense of the mass-murder in their interior décor.


I seem to have got a little off-topic. Here’s another attempt at getting a picture of Maeby in her new bed.


Kittens don’t stay still.

Today’s quote is from Terry Pratchett.