Five people that win… December

1. The Royal Eye Roll.

Wrapping Christmas presents can be trying for the best of us.

2. Quentin Sommerville (although the video is a few years old)

3. This dog, who’s got the moves.

4. Another animal one for you – this monkey, who saved his friend’s life when he got electrocuted on the railway tracks.

5. And finally, these BBC News staff who’d perhaps had a little bit too much Christmas cheer?

But we love them for that.

Villain of the month? Guys, it’s Christmas. God Bless Us, everyone.


Five people that win… December

1. Beyoncé, obvs.

2. Anyone who made these Miley-inspired Christmas decorations.

(There’s still time to make your own – visit this website for a template!)

3. J-Law. Always, but especially for this face.

jennifer lawrence

4. Whoever came up with these Christmas decorations in the Landmark Centre, Hong Kong.


(Apologies for the amateur video – this is my first time trying to record one. Who knew portrait mode was a stupid way to take a video?)


5. Calvin, with special mention going to Bill Murray for his wonderful assist*.

* Full disclosure: Calvin wins December every year.

God bless us, every one. Have a wonderful Christmas everybody x